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Global Market Size of RFID to Reach 21 billions by 2020

 RTEC sincerely welcomes you to become our valued partner and work with us to push our revolutionary products to every corner of the world. We hope to provide our customers the best user experience with our partners’ assistance.


RFID is becoming increasingly prevalent as the price of the technology decreases. Recent developments include increased read ranges and accuracy, better anti-collision techniques, and increased performance in demanding and previously non-ideal environments. Declining hardware and infrastructure costs and greater abilities to integrate systems seamlessly make now a great time to invest in RFID. Additionally, with rapid breakthroughs in active real time locating systems, both WiFi and non-WiFi based, the ROI from RFID has never been higher, more immediate, and available to more industries. All across the world, Radio Frequency Identification is helping businesses improve their processes and increase their efficiency.

  • An RFID system can increase productivity – as less monitoring is needed and both goods and information are handled more efficiently.
  • An RFID system makes it easier to respond to new circumstances as a result of information gained from the supply networks
  • Less errors, higher reliability – no human intervention needed for reading the data
  • Improved visibility and traceability – process monitoring, tracking of shipments and assets
RFID Projected Market

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Why Partner With Us?

Partnership is one of our very important strategies to guarantee our success. This is where lies the importance of understanding the characteristics of each of our partners and their level of commitment. Whether is an RFID System integrator, Reseller or Software and hardware provider.

  • Global Market Leader in RFID tags
  • Award-Winning RFID Products and Solutions
  • Competitive Direct-From-Factory Pricing for Partners.
  • Zero Partnership Fee.
  • World Class Sales & Services

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